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Valentine’s Day Proposal – what’s your plan?!

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10 ideas for the perfect, low-key, staycation, Valentine’s Day Proposal that still wows!

The internet is full of ever more elaborate real-life proposal and engagement stories- we look at them in wonderment, I’m sure!

But what’s best for both of you as a couple?  Do you have to spend thousands on a ring plus a destination holiday to fulfil your dream?  What if all it took was a little imagination to bestow on your partner all of your love and care on the day making sure they respond with a tearful ‘yes’!!!!

Here are a few tried and tested ideas that might just hit that spot and give you a proposal to remember and the start of an engagement that will bring you both together in love!

Keep it local

  1. Your favourite walk

No matter where you live, there will be a walk nearby that you’ve known for years and walked without thinking!  A walk that has special meaning if only you’d stop for a minute and take a better look.  Were you childhood sweethearts?  What about your walk to school?  Did you meet at work?  What about the walk you took to get away from the office and get some exercise and fresh air.  What about that walk you take every day with the dog and where you get to talk over your day together?  Why not involve your gorgeous dog too?  Find a ring pouch to attach to the collar and off you go for your perfect Valentine’s Day Proposal!

2. At your favourite landmark

Like the walk above, this is one that doesn’t have to see you travelling far.  In the UK we are never too far from the coast and a beautiful sunset on the beach can be a magical place for a proposal, whatever the time of day or time of year.  Or perhaps you’ve got a favourite hill climb with a view at the top, or a favourite café that does amazing cake?  All of these simple pleasures can add up to an amazing memory if you plan it just right!

3. Over a meal

I know it sounds a bit old-hat, but we all have a favourite restaurant where we can relax and really enjoy the food.  We know the waiters around us, it’s not too far from home and we always come home happy that we’ve had a good feed.  What’s not to love about a proposal surrounded by our favourite things – good food, good wine and good company?  It’s a win-win!

Don’t keep it to yourself!

4. Bring in your family and friends 

Are you blending families together?  Do you enjoy get-togethers with everyone having a good time?  Why not rope in the family, give them all a role, and surprise your loved-one with a never-to-be-forgotten occasion with everyone they love in the same room.  It’s a ‘cheers’ from them and a knees-up afterwards with champagne popping and great tunes in the air!

5. Treasure Hunt!

If you’ve got a brilliant imagination, can make up clues to lead your loved-one a merry dance through your home or your favourite places, then go for it!  From room to room, object to object they’ll find their way to the Valentine’s Day Proposal’s hidden prize!  A lifetime with you!

6. Pre-printed clothing

Dress the baby in a ‘will you marry daddy?’ babygro or dress yourself in a slogan T shirt and reveal it on the day at just the right moment.  Hilarious!  It will do just the trick and make your Valentine’s Day Proposal one to remember forever!

7. Picnic

It might be too cold in February for an outdoor picnic, but what about an indoor feast instead?  Plan the food and drink, prepare the look and set the mood with music too.  Create the magic and reap the rewards!

Dressing up fun!

8. Recreate your favourite movie scene 

‘You had me at hello’, anyone?  The written cards from Love Actually?  ‘Is it raining?  I hadn’t noticed’ from 4 Weddings and a Funeral?  Go to town with the costume or the location or the props and lap up the love afterwards.  It’s all good in the hood 😊

9. Did you meet online? 

Did you have a longer distance romance during lockdown perhaps?  What about an online proposal?  An Instagram poll, a TikTok video or a Whatsapp voice message?  Odd?   Maybe, but it might just touch their heart!

10. Do it the old-fashioned way

A love-letter Valentine’s Day Proposal, written with care and posted with love – enough to soften the hardest heart and a treasure to keep forever.

However you decide to propose and however you want your engagement to be remembered, taking time, putting in lots of thought and making your loved one feel extra special is all you really need.

Good luck!

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