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❤️ Firstly, decide if you want to have a registrar or an independent wedding celebrant to officiate your wedding.

A registrar will perform your legal marriage but this can be done entirely separately from your wedding day. Instead, marry quietly and with just two witnesses at your local registry office on the day of your choice, any-time before or after your wedding day. This will cost (Just £46!*) and leave you free to have your wedding day wherever and whenever you like and led by your wedding celebrant! You can have whatever you want as part of your ceremony! This is a choice many couples are still not aware of, but that’s changing!

❤️ One who will create a fabulous ceremony that you’ll remember with joy for years to come!

Book me as your independent wedding celebrant and you can expect me to use my professional writing skills to craft your beautiful ceremony script with individuality and flair. With a background in English, Drama, teaching and speech training, I have all the experience in place to give you the ceremony of your dreams! Individual, bespoke, unique – you’ll have a ceremony like no other and no one will ever have the same one again!

❤️A celebrant who will put you first!

Of course! I won’t be seeing any other couples on your wedding day. You will be the only ones I focus on and give my full attention to. I will make sure you have a seamless ceremony and one which you and your guests will love from start to finish – fully centred on you.

❤️ A celebrant you can trust!

Did you know that you won’t know who your registrar is until the day of your wedding? You might not know who they are until they turn up at your venue! Instead, as your celebrant, I will spend time with you beforehand so that, on the day, you know me, you trust me to deliver for you and your guests and you have the ceremony of your dreams. Your ceremony will encapsulate everything that’s important to you both. I spend a lot of time creating your ceremony script – one you’ll be able to keep forever – and I’ll only book one wedding on that day. I will make sure you have the attention you deserve. A registrar might see many couples that day – you could be one of a long line! Would you want to be the last wedding of the day? No!

❤️ One who will make a special effort on this, the most precious day of your life!

This is an incredibly important day for you both. You’ve spent time and money getting every detail right. You’ll expect that your ceremony will be a fantastic start to your day setting the tone and atmosphere for the hours that follow. I will put the time and effort in to getting this just right for you. Nothing perfunctory, nothing ‘ordinary’, nothing a bit dull or boring. You’ll get the very best!

❤️ A wedding celebrant with a high degree of professionalism and who can engage your guests and lead from the front!

I have a professional background in presenting, teaching, training, leading groups and in creative writing too! I have degree and masters degree qualifications in English and Drama, and Speech Training too. Years of acting and working backstage means that I understand what’s required for your ceremony – what you and your guests will expect to make your ceremony the best it can be! A professional service from start to finish.


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Find out more about the services I offer by clicking here. Book me as your celebrant and don’t look back!

* Price correct as of January ’24

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