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Is this a question you’ve asked yourself when you’ve been planning your wedding? Lots of couples are now deciding that they want more. They want more choice, they want more attention and they want more input! Is that you? Then book a celebrant to get the ceremony you really want!

Let’s think about the kind of wedding ceremony you want for you and your guests: Should it be just like the others you’ve been to as a guest? Do you want something a bit more unique? Do you want a ceremony that your guests will really enjoy as a highlight of the day and be talking about for years to come? Book a celebrant and find out why it will make your wedding ceremony the real highlight of your day!


Once you have an idea of when and where your ceremony will take place, you can begin to plan!

  • Legalise your marriage at your local registry office.
  • If you are not marrying in church then you have choices that not many couples are aware of!
  • Most couples believe that they have to marry at the registry office or the licensed venue with a registrar present. This is what many couples choose and it’s all perfectly legal and above board. The registrar will complete all of your documentation and you’ll say the legal wording required in front of your guests then carry on with your day. You’ll book your time-slot with the registrar and organise your day around it. This is what many couples have chosen for years. But times are changing and nowadays couples are beginning to ask for, and expect, more for their special day. they can have it all by booking a celebrant for their treasured ceremony!


  • You CAN have your wedding anywhere you choose.
  • You DON’T have to have a registrar come to your venue to marry you.
  • Complete your marriage paperwork at the registry office (by going along with just two witnesses). This will cost £46*. You will have the legal requirements under your belt leaving you to have a full wedding, on the day of your choice, with all your guests around you. The difference is, you’ll now be able to say and do exactly as you please!
  • Think of it as separating your legal marriage from your wedding day. They don’t have to happen at the same time!
  • A registrar will charge to come to your venue. Your ceremony will be at a set time and will use the particular language required by law. You may be one couple of several they will see that day. You won’t necessarily know who your registrar will be – you could be married by a stranger – and you will have very limited input into the ceremony itself.


  • If you book a celebrant instead you will have complete control over your ceremony, and they will deliver the ceremony you want!
  • As long as you legalise your marriage at some point (see above) your wedding ceremony will be completely unique and bespoke. And you can have your wedding ANYWHERE YOU CHOOSE!
  • You’ll get to know your celebrant beforehand as they craft and draft your ceremony with you. Your wedding ceremony will be led by someone you’ve got to know well, not a stranger after all!
  • A celebrant will spend time with you and make sure your ceremony is built around you. Your ceremony will be fully personalised to your instructions.
  • You’ll be the only couple they see that day and they’ll be there to make sure everything goes without a hitch.
  • Your ceremony script is yours to keep forever – no-one will ever have the same one as you – you’ll never forget it!


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*Price correct as of January ’24

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